Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery services offered in San Diego, CA

If your hands have suffered an injury, degenerative changes, or congenital problems or survived a devastating infection, skilled plastic surgeon Rishi Jindal, MD, at Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, can provide hand surgery to give you back proper function and appearance. Dr. Jindal is board-certified and meticulous in providing restorative surgeries to patients. To learn more, contact Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery by phone or set up an appointment online today.

What does hand surgery treat?

Hand surgery is a broad term because it doesn’t just deal with the hand. Hand surgery can cover several upper extremities, including the elbow, shoulders, wrists, fingers, and arms. 

There are several different reasons why you could benefit from hand surgery. A skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Jindal can help you address even complex medical issues, such as:

  • Degenerative structural changes in your hands
  • Increased function and improved appearance after a damaging infection
  • Healing after you injured your hand or hands 
  • Congenital difficulties
  • Repair after fractures

Dr. Jindal is board-certified in hand surgery and has extensive knowledge to address this vital area. Your hands are crucial to your quality of life, and you can rely on Dr. Jindal for expert care.

What is the advantage of having a plastic surgeon perform my hand surgery?

Plastic surgeons undergo extensive medical training to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the vital relationship between your body’s soft tissue and bone. They complete the standard six to eight years of traditional medical training and then also spend additional years receiving training in hand surgery.

This advanced expertise makes them highly proficient in treating hand conditions and injuries. Dr. Jindal aims to improve your hands’ appearance while working to restore optimal functionality.

What should I expect from hand surgery?

After a thorough assessment, Dr. Jindal schedules your hand surgery and ensures you understand how to prepare and facilitate healing. You also discuss what form of anesthesia or sedative is best for you.

Your surgery depends on your unique needs, and Dr. Jindal ensures your safety and comfort. After your surgery, some pain and swelling are normal, so make sure you have scheduled time afterward to take it easy and get proper rest.

Keep your dressing dry and take pain-relieving medications according to your after-surgery instructions. Elevate your hand or hands above your heart whenever you can, and be patient with yourself. Most surgeries have a healing period of two to four months before you are back to feeling fully like yourself.

To learn more about how Dr. Jindal’s expertise in hand surgery might help you, reach out to the Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery office by phone or set up an appointment online today.