Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery services offered in San Diego, CA

If you have diminished vision or a tired appearance due to sagging eyelids, experienced plastic surgeon Rishi Jindal, MD, can expertly perform eyelid surgery at Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California. Eyelid surgery can give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance, turning back the hands of time. To learn more, contact Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery by phone or schedule an appointment online today.

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin or fat to rejuvenate the appearance of your entire eye area. Eyelid surgery may be beneficial if droopy eyelids impair your vision or impact your appearance.

This procedure, performed for cosmetic or functional purposes, requires a skilled plastic surgeon to ensure optimal results. Dr. Jindal has extensive experience in various cosmetic surgeries and assures natural-looking results that fit your aesthetic goals.

Who is a candidate for eyelid surgery?

If you can’t decide whether you may be a candidate for eyelid surgery, Dr. Jindal can review your questions and concerns at an initial consultation. You may qualify as a candidate for eyelid surgery if:

  • Prolonged allergies have resulted in sagging skin
  • The skin around your eyes has noticeably changed in structure as you have aged
  • Skin drooping around your eyes diminishes your self-confidence
  • Excess eye skin makes it harder to see clearly

Talk to Dr. Jindal about your expectations so he can tailor your surgery to accommodate your goals. While cosmetic procedures are not a fountain of youth, they can help you feel more like yourself and take control of your aesthetics.

What can I expect from eyelid surgery?

Your first step is an initial consultation and thorough physical examination. Dr. Jindal discusses your aesthetic goals and medical history and may take photographs so you can see the difference the surgery makes. He reviews your options and potential risks and ensures you are well-informed each step of the way.

During your surgery, you get sedated or possibly go under general anesthesia. Dr. Jindal makes a minimal incision, keeping to the natural folds of the eyelid to ensure the best results. He removes any excess skin and fat and then sutures or closes off the area to begin your healing process.

If sagging skin above your eyes has already started to diminish your self-confidence, talk to Dr. Jindal about eyelid surgery and the positive impact it can have on your appearance. To schedule a consultation, contact the Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery office by phone or online today.