Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring services offered in San Diego, CA

If you have succeeded in dramatic weight loss and have excess skin impacting your self-image, experienced plastic surgeon Rishi Jindal, MD, at Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, offers body contouring to give you your desired silhouette. With years of experience in complex aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Jindal can help you take the next step in your journey. To learn more, contact Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery by phone or online today.

What is body contouring?

With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, body contouring enables you to safely pursue your aesthetic goals for specific areas of your body. It allows you to address problem areas to boost your confidence, restore a youthful appearance, and achieve the sleek lines you’ve been working toward.

Body contouring can improve many areas of your body, including your:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Breasts

Dr. Jindal offers body contouring to remove unwanted or sagging fat and skin, particularly after weight loss. For patients who want the health benefits of losing weight but worry about the excess skin that can result, body contouring can make a positive change.

What areas can benefit from body contouring?

Dr. Jindal tailors your treatment to your unique physiology and goals, and the primary types of body contouring include:

Arm lift

Also called brachioplasty, this eliminates the dreaded “bat wings” of sagging skin on the upper arm to give you a straighter arm line from armpit to elbow.

Breast reduction or breast lift

Breast reduction removes drooping breast tissue and repositions the breasts to a higher and fuller position. Dr. Jindal can also perform breast augmentation at this time.

Stomach lift

A stomach lift, known as abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck, can trim excess abdominal skin. This area can be of particular concern for patients, making the waist look less fit than it is. It can also make hygiene more difficult.

If needed, Dr. Jindal can improve the contours of the entire waist, including the flanks and back.

Lower body or thigh lift

A lower body lift gives you tighter, leaner thighs, which can accentuate a Brazilian butt lift or restore your confidence in wearing your favorite shorts and skirts.

Is liposuction part of body contouring?

Liposuction can be an integral component of body contouring beyond minimizing targeted areas. Depending on your goals for your body, you can use liposuction fat transfer to emphasize your silhouette in a Brazilian butt lift or custom breast augmentation.

Liposuction uses vacuum suction to carefully loosen and remove fat cells without interfering with skin, muscles, and other tissues. The excess fat deposits can be cleaned and processed, then expertly injected into areas you want to enhance.

To learn more about how you can create the look you’ve always wanted with body contouring and liposuction, contact the Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery office by phone or online today.