Reasons You Might Need a Breast Augmentation Revision

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Reasons You Might Need a Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation is a popular option for many women seeking to improve not only their contours and profile but their self-confidence, too. Still, breast implants aren’t necessarily a “forever” decision — and that’s when revision surgery can be a good choice.

At Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, Rishi Jindal, MD, offers breast augmentation revision using the most advanced techniques for custom results and high levels of patient satisfaction. In this post, learn why you might benefit from breast augmentation revision.

Your implant is ruptured

Today’s breast implants are more durable than ever, but despite that, there’s always a very small risk of implant rupture or breakage. When that happens, the implant “deflates” and loses its shape. Saline implants tend to lose their shape very rapidly, while silicone implants may lose volume and shape more gradually. 

Revision surgery removes the ruptured implant and replaces it with a new implant. While a single implant can be replaced, some women opt to have both implants replaced to ensure optimal balance or to change the size or shape of their implants.

You have a painful capsular contracture

After a breast implant is placed, your body naturally forms a layer of scar tissue around the implant. Typically, this capsule of tissue is not noticeable, and it actually helps hold the implant in place. 

Sometimes, though, this capsule of scar tissue hardens and tightens around the implant, causing a painful compression or contracture that can lead to a change in the breast size or shape. 

Breast revision surgery removes scar tissue or adjusts it so it’s softer and more accommodating to the implant. In some instances, the implant itself is removed and replaced, as well.

You want to change the implant size or type

One of the benefits of breast augmentation surgery is that you can change your mind over time. For instance, some women find they prefer a larger or smaller implant as they get older, or they may prefer the size or texture of either saline implants or silicone implants. 

Revision surgery allows women to change their implants as their personal preferences change, so they always feel attractive and confident.

Your body has changed

Sometimes, it’s not the implants that change, but your body. As you get older, the tissue that supports your breasts can change and shift, and you may feel that your implants look “out of place” with the rest of your body. 

Or, you may undergo considerable weight gain or loss, disrupting the balance of your breasts with the rest of your body. In each instance, Dr. Jindal performs revision surgery to “right-size” your implants and help you feel more confident.

Learn more about revision surgery

Breast implants can dramatically change the way you look and the way you feel. If you’re unhappy with your breast implants or if your implants are damaged, implant revision surgery can help. 

To learn more, request an appointment online or over the phone with Dr. Jindal and the team at Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery today.